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We have enjoyed working with amateur and professional photographers for many years. We've done several special charters for the wildlife photographer Kennan Ward and his wife. I especially enjoyed taking out David Muench, the landscape photographer, for three summers while he was shooting the Kenai Fjords part of his book, National Parks of America.  One of our most interesting projects was doing a three-day shoot with a CNN  crew and the actress Ali MacGraw.  You may have seen the final product, a CNN special titled, "Wildlife Encounters with Ali MacGraw".  Ali and the crew stayed at our Saltwater Lodging. We also provided an overnight trip to the Fjords with the crew, Ali, a kayak guide, and Park Ranger where they shot wildlife, remote camping, and kayaking scenes.

We've done similar special projects for the CBS Sunday Morning,  BBC  "Lonely Planet" Series (sea kayak special in the Fjords) and  a TV Slovenia special.  Our last video support project was with Original Productions of California for the Discovery Channel (Alaska Land of Extremes) filming calving glaciers in Aialik Bay.

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David Hoffmann is pleased to be working as a photo tour guide for Alaska Saltwater Lodging. He has over 30 years of experience taking pictures and making movie film. His experience brings a unique quality to the photo tours offered by Alaska Saltwater Lodging.

David was born on the Alcan Highway in 1957. His life experiences as an Alaskan have given him a deep appreciation for wildlife and for the great outdoors. David's photographs have been used for post cards, calendars, and travel magazines. His movie film has been used by National Geographic and Discovery. David's footage can also be seen in many national television commercials as well as feature films including "Smilla's Sense of Snow."

"I want you to have the time of your life. My approach to helping people with photography is not overly technical. I always expect to find something to photograph... often, it is the unexpected. Being in search of the next unknown adventure is a pleasure.

People should have a basic knowledge of how their particular camera equipment works. There are tips and hints about photographing (whales in particular) that I share with people while on tour. Often times these tips can make a difference as to whether or not you even get a shot off... lets hope it's a primo!

As I am sure you know, wildlife photography is a challenge. It seems to me that the greater the challenge... the greater the reward. When you have that once in a life time experience... the one that touches your soul... whether the picture turns out or not, the camera brought you to a place you will remember forever."      ---- David Hoffmann, Wildlife Photographer

"For the past nine years, I have been chartering boats out of Seward for my clients to photograph the wildlife and glaciers. It was not until I met Jim Barkley that I realized his boats are the best. Lots of room, competent captains and flexible schedule to spend that extra time with the whales. This is one of the best wildlife tours in Alaska."
    ---- Rich Reid, California


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