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Small Group Whale Watching, Wildlife & Glacier Tours
in Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, Alaska

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Alaska Saltwater Lodging offers a variety of excursions. Our boats are Coast Guard certified and our captains are experienced and well-versed in our areas natural habitat. We specialize in taking out film crews, professional photographers, serious birders, and guests that just want an exclusive, quality experience.

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Our full day Small Group Whale Watching, Wildlife, Natural History, and Glacier Tour ventures deep into Kenai Fjords National Park. With over 25 years experience, we will show you the Fjords' best kept secrets. This is a photographer's paradise where you will see the Harding Icefield, calving glaciers, seals, Steller sea lions, porpoises, and sea otters. We will stop for lunch in front of a calving glacier, giving us ample time to witness and photograph the face of the glacier as mammoth pieces of ice thunder into the sea. A majority of the time we see whales on these wildlife and glacier tours.


$299 per person plus tax & fees = $323.43 total, includes lunch
Your Early Booking Internet Rate $269.00 per person + tax & fees = $291.33 total, includes lunch)

Lunch is included, Children under 10 are 1/2 price, $109.50.

During spring we are likely to spot grey whales on their annual migration to the Arctic. In the summer we often encounter humpbacks, minke, and fin whales which have traveled thousands of miles to feed in the rich waters of the fjords. Orcas, also known as "killer whales", are present in our waters throughout the year.

We limit our group size to 15 or fewer and can arrange for tours with as few as 2 people. With smaller groups we can position the boat so everyone gets a perfect view. We take extra effort so you will never miss that photo opportunity of a lifetime.

We are often asked, What is the difference between our tour and the tours offered by the other companies? While we specialize in and only do small group tours, the following testimonial probably explains this better than I can.

alaska glacier tourSteve and Lynne Alterman:

"Jim -- Just got back from Alaska and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our all day tour on Saturday, August 26. Bruce was great about showing us the Kenai Fjords area (and spotting wildlife -- including a swimming bear). We knew we made the right choice when we saw all the other tour boats with over a hundred people leaning over the side and we had a grand total of six. We can't thank you enough. Please feel free to use us as references if anyone wants to know about the quality of your tours."


We depart at 8:00 a.m. and plan on returning between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. We have the advantage of flexibility that is impossible with all of the large group tours that must adhere to strict schedules. We also enjoy flexibility in choosing our viewing route and therefore seldom take the exact same route two days in a row.

Repeatedly guests tell us that this tour of the Kenai Fjords coastal wilderness was the highlight of their trip to Alaska.

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Saltwater Fishing

There is no better saltwater fishing anywhere in the state than that found in the areas we fish from in Seward. Our skippers are all long-time Alaska residents who know the area intimately. We are eager to make your outing the fishing experience of a lifetime.

$360.00/person (includes lunch) plus tax & fees = $390.00 total
Your Early Booking Internet Rate $339/person (includes lunch) plus tax and fees = $366.23 total

This package combines the full day tour with a saltwater fishing experience. There are several places along our route where a short stop guarantees catching fish. Whales, salmon, halibut, bass, along with puffins and other auklets congregate in the same area to feed on herring and needle fish. It is not unusual to have whales circling our boat and to see puffins diving while we catch fish. This package is a favorite for visitors who are interested in seeing the Kenai Fjords' wildlife and glaciers and would also like a taste of Alaska's famous saltwater fishing.



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